A Pilsner from Germany in Williamston

Originally, I wanted to start our new German series with a North German Pils right out of the gate. I ended up doing the more accessible Helles first, then the Vienna as a softer, maltier version of the lager category, then the very assertive Northern Pils. Kind of like trying to make a set list to […]

Single Hop Release Schedule

Hey folks! Below you’re going to find a lot of words, then an announcement, then more words. If you just want the announcement give this doc a scroll and find the bold stuff. We don’t like tipping our hand too much. It puts us in a position to follow through with something even though the […]

Who’s ready for a new M-43 variant! Excited? Not so fast…

What we’re talking about today is subtlety.   Any chef can tell you, when you make one change to a process you can more easily see how that thing affects the whole.  For this experiment we made one small change to M-43. We used the same malt, hops, and yeast as the original recipe. Then, instead […]

The Shrine/an Unusual line-up

Hey Everybody, Our beer lineup at Old Nation has always been super varied in the Pub as we train new brewers on old styles and new projects, but our breadth of styles in stores and restaurants has been pretty limited the last couple of years as we grew into the monster that M-43 has become.  […]


Hi All.  Today I want to talk about Old Nation’s plans for expansion, and the water that we have to cross to do it. Those of you who have been out to the pub know that we’re kind of busting at the seams with regard to tanks, raw materials storage, etc.  Without a doubt, we […]

Flavoring Beer

We’ve gotten into some pretty expensive ingredients in the last couple of years here at Old Nation: Designer hops, Local Oat malt, and Uber-fresh yeast sent in and propagated weekly. On top of that, constant trips to our distributor to check freshness and quality and as much time amongst our 3,000 or so bars, restaurants, […]

Growing Pains

Hey everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to type one of these and I’m happy to be doing it again. We’re right in the middle of releasing some brands I’ve been dying to make again – most notably for me the Boxer IPA, which we’ve re-named Cart/Horse after having been asked politely to […]


WE TRUSTED A COMPUTER WITH OUR BEER (NAME) If you have walked the aisles of your favorite craft beer store or even paid attention to the tap list at your local brewery, you may have noticed a trend of ever increasingly bizarre beer names. New names are getting harder to come by. With so many […]


Brewing science is funny.  There’s a ton of information, but it can be very disjointed, which is in its turn very frustrating, usually. When we set out to research New England IPA in the spring of 2016, and then obviously in much more depth following the release of the M-43, we found very little research […]


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