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Old Nation Brewing Co.

Old Nation Brewing is the culmination of years of hard work for brewer Travis Fritts. He spent time in Germany honing his craft under some of the best brewers in the world and returned to the states with master brewing credentials. He wanted to return to the place he grew up to spread his knowledge and love of great beer, and Williamston is the perfect fit.



Expansion and Brewing Water

Hi All.  Today I want to talk about Old Nation’s plans for expansion, and the water that we have to cross to do it. Those of you who have been out to the pub know that we’re kind of busting at the seams with regard to tanks, raw materials storage, etc.  Without a doubt, we… Read More


Flavoring Beer

We’ve gotten into some pretty expensive ingredients in the last couple of years here at Old Nation: Designer hops, Local Oat malt, and Uber-fresh yeast sent in and propagated weekly. On top of that, constant trips to our distributor to check freshness and quality and as much time amongst our 3,000 or so bars, restaurants,… Read More


Growing Pains

Hey everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to type one of these and I’m happy to be doing it again. We’re right in the middle of releasing some brands I’ve been dying to make again – most notably for me the Boxer IPA, which we’ve re-named Cart/Horse after having been asked politely… Read More

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