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WIFOL – Saturday, June 2nd 2018

Lager Lovers Unite! Weekend Survival Kits, with assistance from Old Nation Brewing Company present: The Williamston International Festival of Lagers at MaCormick Park in Williamston, MI from 1pm-6pm.

Over 30 lagercentric breweries from around the world will be in attendance. Food Trucks will be present to help you lay down a base. Music will be in the band shell to keep your spirits high!

Visit our events page for more info and to purchase tickets.



Flavoring Beer

We’ve gotten into some pretty expensive ingredients in the last couple of years here at Old Nation: Designer hops, Local Oat malt, and Uber-fresh yeast sent in and propagated weekly. On top of that, constant trips to our distributor to check freshness and quality and as much time amongst our 3,000 or so bars, restaurants,… Read More


Growing Pains

Hey everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to type one of these and I’m happy to be doing it again. We’re right in the middle of releasing some brands I’ve been dying to make again – most notably for me the Boxer IPA, which we’ve re-named Cart/Horse after having been asked politely… Read More


The Fine Stranger

We Trusted a Computer with our Beer (Name) If you have walked the aisles of your favorite craft beer store or even paid attention to the tap list at your local brewery, you may have noticed a trend of ever increasingly bizarre beer names. New names are getting harder to come by. With so many… Read More

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