Travis Fritts, middle aged man with longer slicked back hair and beard
Travis Fritts
Owner & Brewer
Nate Rykse, middle aged man with stubble on face
Nate Rykse
Head Brewer
Marcus Dixon, man with black-rimmed glasses wearing a hat and Old Nation button-up shirt
Marcus Dixon
Plant Manager
Stephen Nemeth, younger man wearing Old Nation hoodie and hat
Stephen Nemeth
Pack Line & Plant Maintenance Manager
Missy Cooke, middle aged woman with short curly brown hair and black-rimmed glasses
Missy Cooke
Safety Manager
Joe Kavanaugh, middle age man with gray beard wearing a hat and Old Nation button up shirt
Joe Kavanaugh
Lead/Pilot Brewer
Mike Canfield, man with thin black-rimmed glasses and a mustache
Mike Canfield
Joe Steplitus, man with black-rimmed glasses wearing a hat and blue flannel shirt
Joe Steplitus
Matt Moon, middle-aged man with short hair and a mustache
Matt Moon
Cellar Lead
Josh Eagy, man with blue-rimmed glasses with flannel vest and hat
Josh Eagy
Zack Schafer, man with black-rimmed glasses and beard
Zack Schafer
Pack Line Operator

Sales & Marketing

Scott VanGilder, middle aged man wearing glasses with arms crossed
Scott VanGilder
Creative/Marketing Director
Jon Cole, middle aged man wearing blue-rimmed glasses with arms crossed
Jon Cole
Central MI, IL, WI Market Manager / Chain Manager
Brian Stinson, middle aged man with Old Nation hoodie and hat
Brian Stinson
West MI, IN Sales Manager & Special Events
Ben Wilson
Southeast MI, OH, KY Sales Manager & Special Events


Camilla Fritts, middle aged woman with long curly red hair
Camilla Fritts
General Manager
Nicole Dixon, woman with brown hair pulled back and hoop earrings
Nicole Dixon
Pub Management
Jeff Westbrook, middle aged man with tattoos on arms wearing a hat
Jeff Westbrook
Pub Management
Ben Ennis, younger man with long curly hair and nose ring
Ben Ennis
Pub Management