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Welcome to Old Nation Brewing!

Welcome to the internet presence of Old Nation Brewing Company! We’re happy you took the time to check us out.

We hope to use this website as a way to share the knowledge we’ve gained in our studies and work in professional breweries and research facilities all over the world. We’re excited to bring our respect for tradition, technique, science, craft and art of every type to you. Our goal is to give our internet guests an impression of how we work and what inspires us to do that work well; whether that inspiration comes from people, places, art, comedy, athletics, or anywhere else, we’ll tell you why and how it relates to beer generally, and our beer specifically.

We like history and science, a lot. The biggest reason why we don’t follow trends is because of that. We hope to share our perspective about the beer industry in a way that separates fact from fiction, hype from reality. Beer is too important to us to have it reduced to ill-advised gimmicks and marketing strategies. We’ll always attempt to explain why we made a beer, along with how.

We’re glad to have you with us as we continue our life-long journey. Please use this website as a way to communicate with us about anything you wish. We’re interested in what you have to say, and want to talk to you about how you think about beer.

Travis Fritts

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