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Old Nation M-43

M-43 Statewide Distribution

Thanks to the incredible response to M-43, we’ll be rolling out cans for statewide distribution, starting Monday, April 10. For a list of the 300 or so retailers that will be receiving M-43 cans, click the link below. For an exact date of when your favorite retailer will be receiving their order, you’ll want to… Read More

Old Nation Boxer

New Orthodox Fireside Chat – N.E. IPA Update

This is Travis Fritts. I want to share a little information about what we’re doing in the brewery with everybody. Before I do that, I’d like to say thanks to everyone for the great reception we’ve had to our beers lately. We haven’t had this much fun brewing in a long time, and we’re thankful… Read More

Old Nation Brewing, and Dark Horse Brewing, The German hobo.

The German Hobo is Here!

Our collaboration beer with Dark Horse Brewing Co., The German Hobo, is now available on draft at your favorite restaurant or watering hole. Also, look for it in 16 oz. cans, beginning next week. Now if you don’t see The German Hobo at your favorite bar or retailer, just tell them that you would like… Read More

Brewing Malt

What Gives Beer Its Color?

The short answer is: Mostly malted barley In our last post, we wrote about what malt actually is. For this post, we’ll discuss how it’s made and a bit about what it does. Malt is responsible for providing the sugar that Brewer’s yeast use Malt is also responsible for the charachteristics in beer most easily described… Read More

Welcome to Old Nation Brewing!

Welcome to the internet presence of Old Nation Brewing Company! We’re happy you took the time to check us out. We hope to use this website as a way to share the knowledge we’ve gained in our studies and work in professional breweries and research facilities all over the world. We’re excited to bring our respect for tradition,… Read More

Who discovered (delicious) beer?

This is my favorite question because it gives me the opportunity to talk about Brewing techniques, recipe writing and ingredients all at once.  Given enough time, I can cover every aspect of brewing with this one simple question.  I usually don’t, though, and I won’t here either, so have no fear. For these blog posts,… Read More

Where we get our pub beer names

Some of the beers we make in the pub are experimental and only intended for sale at the Old Nation bar rail.  Usually they are “one offs” We often make them to test out a concept, get our customers ready for different styles which are more challenging or just as a favor to a friend… Read More

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